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Can I go running and/or skating with my Easywalker stroller?

The Easywalker strollers are not designed for running or skating.

Can I wash the fabrics?

Please refer to the washing labels of each product and follow the instructions carefully. Remove all plastic/metal parts prior to washing. Take extra care when washing the sun canopies with UV filter (we recommend to wash these by hand to prevent damage to the UV filter).

Can the carrycot be used as a travel bed?


Does the sun canopy protect against UV radiation?

Yes, UPF 50+ (the net part of the Sky, Qtro and Duo sun canopy has UPF 10+).

Until what age can I use the carrycot?

Easywalker carrycots are suitable for children up to 6 months (weight up to 9kg).

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty is two years. Please also fill in the warranty form on our website.

Until what age can I use the stroller?

Easywalker strollers (buggies) are suitable for children up to 4 years  (weight up to 20kg).

Is there a rain cover available for carrycot?

This is included with your carrycot. Spare raincovers are available, please contact one of our retail points.

Is it possible to use the carrycot in the car?

No, in many countries you are obliged to transport your baby in a car seat while travelling by car. A car seat is better for the safety of your child in a car. The carrycots from Easywalker have been developed to ensure the comfort of a new born baby. Your baby can lay fully horizontal, in this way it can freely move around which is better for the baby.

Is there a Buggy board available for my Stroller?

For the Easywalker Sky and the Easywalker Qtro you can purchase an Easyboard at one of our retailers.

For all other Strollers we have no Easywalker Buggy board, but there are universal Buggy boards available in the stores.

What will be delivered with my stroller?

You will receive the frame, wheels, shopping basket, seat with a 5-point safety harness, sun  canopy,  bumper bar, raincover and user manual.

What kind of car seat fits on the Easywalker?

Our adapters can be used to fit the following car seats on our strollers/buggy: MaxiCosi cabrio, MaxiCosi Pebble, Cybex Aton, Cybex Aton 2, BeSafe IziGo, Nuna Pipo, Kiddy Evolution Pro.

Which connection tube do I need to connect my Carrycot to my Stroller?

For Easywalker Mosey, MINI Stroller, June and MINI Stroller 2013, there is no additional tube necessary, the carrycots attach directly to the frame.

For the DUO Deluxe model with round tubes you need the connection tube 13127 to attach one carrycot or 82002 to attach two carrycots. For the DUO Plus model with oval tubes you need the connection tube SP50081 to attach one carrycot or ED80034 to attach two carrycots.

For the Sky Deluxe model with round tubes you need the connection tube 2003. For the Sly Plus model with oval tubes you need the connection tube 4099.

Which colors can I choose for my stroller?

Please click here to go to the configurator and see in which colors your stroller is available.

What is the maximum weight that I can transport in the shopping basket?

The maximum weight you can transport in the shopping basket is 5 kg.

When is the warranty not applicable?

Please refer to the manual of your stroller for the warranty conditions.

Where can I buy an Easywalker Stroller/Buggy?

Please click here for the list of retail points in your country.

Where can I buy spare parts?

For the Classic, the Sky, the Qtro, the DUO all spare parts are available at

For the June, the MINI Stroller 2013, the MINI Stroller, the Mosey and the MINI Buggy(XL) you can contact us at

Where can I find the serial number and batch number?

For Sky, Qtro and Duo strollers you can find it on the vertical tube above the right rear wheel.

Where can I obtain service?

If you purchased your Easywalker in a store, please contact the store or dealer for service. If the store needs our assistance they will contact us. For other cases you can contact us directly through the contact form or mail us

If you are looking for a place to repair your stroller outside warranty or you are looking for spare parts, you can also contact our certified service center Kinderwagen garage (

Are the carrycots exchangeable?

Mosey/MINI Stroller carrycots are exchangeable.

June/MINI stroller 2013 carrycots are exchangeable.

Sky and Qtro have the same carrycot (please note that qtro is no longer produced).

It is not possible to use a Duo carrycot on a Sky stroller (or vice versa).

The Sky/Qtro carrycots are always exchangeable with Sky/Qtro strollers (so Deluxe models can be used with Plus models). You only need the correct connection tube. These were supplied with the stroller, if no longer available they can be ordered separately through one of our retail points.

Are all Easywalker accessories compatible with all strollers?

No, some of the accessories of Sky, Qtro and Duo are exchangeable: footmuff, parasol and nursery bag. Please note that you need a model specific car seat adapter!

What is the correct inner tube pressure?

Easywalker recommends to fill the inner tubes to 1,4 bar.

What kind of tires does the stroller have?

This stroller has air tires. Easywalker recommends to fill the inner tubes to 1,4 bar.

What type of adapter do I need for my Easywalker?

For the Easywalker Sky Plus you need adapter EW10014. For the Easywalker Sky Deluxe (model produced until 2010 with round tubes) you need adapter 71111.